September 2015

Why establish an estate/business succession plan?

Despite the fundamental importance of succession planning, it is often neglected in current business/farming management practice. Business owners/farmers should recognise that the need for a fully discussed succession plan is paramount in any business/farming situation. A natural progression from one generation to the next (or in case of unexpected or premature death) through the deceased’s …

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Traits of a Successful Business

We want to be the Accountant who will Challenge, Attack, Question, Confront, Dare, Provoke, Contest, Assault, Invade, Blast you on the way you operate your business. The key areas of any Business that require ongoing maintenance to ensure the Health and Wealth of your business are:

Improving Value At All Stages Of Your Business

Improving the value of your business is not just about selling. It’s about running the most successful business you can. The Theory There are many ways to value a business, however the most commonly used valuation methodology for a profitable trading business is the Capitalisation of Profits Methodology. This methodology is based on the average …

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What is a Bonus Plan?

Many exceptional companies have bonus plans to reward employees. Why would you consider a bonus plan? Advantages include: Staff retention, attraction and motivation. Added incentives to complete jobs on time and achieve agreed milestones. Assists cash flow in the company by minimising annual salary increases.

The Budget Surplus – Illusion or Reality?

The Government released their Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (“MYEFO”) report and announced the following key changes: Corporate PAYG Tax Instalments Companies with a turnover in excess of $20 million per annum will be required to make PAYG Income Tax instalments on a monthly basis. In-House Fringe Benefits Under the current legislation, the taxable value …

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