Change Success Diagnostic

Research tells us there is only a 30% probability your change initiative will succeed. This is because most business people adopt a ‘trial and error’ approach to change incurring a high cost in terms of lost time, reduced confidence, wasted money and poor resource utilisation.

Use our change success diagnostic to help determine the likelihood of success for change in your business.

Growth and Profit Solutions Business Diagnostic

Are you struggling to prioritise your business issues and opportunities? Do you need clarity on which strategies will accelerate the growth and profit of your business?

Use our growth and profit solutions business diagnostic to help identify areas to improve growth and profitability in your business.

Business Scale Up Diagnostic

Scaling up a business is often easier said than done, especially in unpredictable and challenging market environments. Scaling up involves accelerating growth but also boosting business value through a variety of factors.

Use our business scale up diagnostic to help determine your business strengths and weaknesses for scaling up.

Value Builder Questionnaire

Our research shows that companies achieving a value builder score of 80+ out of 100 get purchase offers that are 71% higher than the average company. Whether you want to sell soon or run your business for decades, getting and growing your value builder score makes economic sense.

Use our Value Builder Score Questionnaire to get a score and detailed summary of how your business compares across the 8 drivers of company value.

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Our Directors

Chris Mandzufas

Chris Mandzufas

Chris has a diverse range of skills and experience as a result of providing accounting, taxation, advisory board and management consulting services to owners and directors of fast growing businesses.
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Chris Smith

Chris Smith has been a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand since 2006, a member of the Tax Institute of Australia since 2013, and a registered Tax Agent since 2018.
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Tony Monisse

Tony Monisse

Tony’s key focus is the integration of strategy and financial management. To this end he has developed tools and process that facilitate this integration, including business modelling, target setting and rolling cash flow forecasts.
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Maximise your Business Potential

Whether it’s business growth, improved profitability and cashflow or streamlining operations to improve work/life balance, we can help you achieve your business goals. Gain clarity on which strategies will accelerate the success of your business.

Six reasons why people work with
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Increase in
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Improved clarity in financials and financial well being

Greater accountability
among leadership

Improved alignment
among leadership

strategic focus

Improved multiple for
business valuation

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