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The proof of how successful our partnership with Brentnalls WA is lies in the significant tax savings we achieve year on year. Throughout our long association with Brentnalls WA, I have had the courage to grow my business and to record increasing profits.

Case study


Following Brentnalls’ engagement and strategic review, we saw a sustained period of quarterly growth in revenue and profitability compared to the same quarter the previous year of between 15% and 35%.

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niche medical

While working with Brentnalls WA, our revenue increased by 53%, while the net profit went up by 326%! These incredible results are a direct consequence of strategic medium-term planning and on point tax advice.

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Steel Fabrication Business

With the assistance of Brentnalls, we have been able to accurately forecast, budget and adapt our operations to the cyclical ups and downs permanently engrained in the very nature of the mining industry. Thanks to Brentnalls, we can continuously set accurate and achievable targets and accomplish great year on year results.

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Brentnalls WA’s Quarterly Business Review (QBR) sessions are the foundation of our success. Through the QBR process, we are challenged to stop and re-evaluate our focus and to grow by understanding our business at a high level.

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The Quarterly Business Review (QBR) process with Brentnalls has helped us get very good in capital planning and business planning. We have a good understanding of our numbers. We can plan and feel a lot more secure about how we plan.

WA Fuel


The overall process with Brentnalls has been brilliant. They have helped us to significantly professionalise our structure and we now have a key strategy and vision for the business to drive it forward. I wake up each morning with confidence knowing what I need to do to continue to develop and rapidly grow our business.


Brentnalls have helped us gain an understanding of the key drivers of our business and aligned us in terms of appropriate growth strategies. We have grown our revenue and profit by three to four times. Brentnalls have significantly improved our financial awareness of our business and helped us consolidate and provide efficiencies.

fluid line case study


Working with Brentnalls WA has been an extremely positive experience for us. Our business planning and forecasting now has structure. We have been able to gain knowledge and guidance from the team to assist in the continued growth and success of Fluid Line Services.


The impact of working with Brentnalls WA has been amazing. We've increased profitability by over 200% year on year, and we're continuing to grow. They're very proactive in offering insights on our business so I can make better business decisions.

Tidy Up Success Story


Working with Brentnalls WA has had a huge impact on our business. We wouldn’t be in the position we are in without them. It has given us business confidence, clarity and overall faster growth than we would otherwise have experienced.


The Quarterly Business Review (QBR) process has provided a structure for Autônomo to continue to grow and improve, as well as alignment and clarity for the management team. They've grown revenue by more than 40% year-on-year, but most importantly, they have the confidence that the business is growing well.

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