Perth International Arts Festival – An Example of Blue Ocean Strategy


I am a tragic when it comes to business strategy. On Wednesday night we went to the NoFit State Circus – a touring contemporary circus as part of the Perth International Arts Festival.

I am sure I was the only one in the tent thinking about their blue ocean strategy (much to the annoyance of my family).  I observed the show and thought about how they addressed this key question ‘how do you simultaneously increase value and reduce costs?’

Increased customer value

  • Band playing live music
  • The audience on the stage moving around with the performers, even standing directly underneath the trapeze artists – great for people like me who can’t sit still!
  • A story line

Reduced cost

  • Effectively there were only 4 props – 4 white towers that move around with the performance
  • No chairs – you need to stand!
  • The performers also operate the pulleys, move the audience around and the serve during the intermission
  • There is only one stage for the performance


Very clever and well thought out. By the way, I really enjoyed the show!


Tony Monisse