5 Things I Learned From Gail Kelly’s Presentation

  1. Her biggest regret – not letting go of people earlier that were not the right people to be on the bus
  1. Her excitement about change – you need to embrace, welcome and get excited about change – technology players including facebook and google are challenging the banks – the bank needs to be innovative, quick, courageous and bold to respond to these challengers.  Westpac have set up a special project team “MAD” (mobile application device) to lead their innovation drive

  1. The importance of generosity of spirit  i.e. leaders who care about and want the best for their people – this will lead to higher employee engagement and contribute to a high performance culture
  1. Leaders must be centred i.e. they need to be self-aware; have the capacity to absorb pressure, be in the moment and not reflect their concerns on others
  1. The need to communicate; communicate; communicate; your vision (what); your purpose (why) and your values (how)

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