Why Do Only 30% Of Change Projects Succeed?

I attended a Mindshop Facilitator full day training program today and was exposed to some powerful research that Mindshop founder Chris Mason had gathered during his 8 year PhD on this subject.

It is widely known in business circles that only 30% of change projects succeed.  The research conducted by Chris Mason was centered around the benefits in time, profit, growth, energy and success if businesses could boost that % change success factor upwards.

Some brief findings from this research are:-

  • Strong change INTENTIONS are not a catalyst for success in change
  • Three KEY areas that were identified as the keys to success were; READINESS (how ready is the organization to implement the change), CAPABILITY (the skills, people, training, resources to implement change successfully) and the BELIEFS (the attitude of the organization in relation to change)
  • READINESS had a 30% impact on change success
  • CAPABILITY had a 40% impact on change success
  • BELIEFS had a 30% impact on change success


I can not wait to share more details of this research in our up coming Business Growth Network session and in future conversations with clients around positioning their business for success with any change project they are looking to implement.