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To help you GROW a sustainable profitable business, we also need to understand your personal financial goals and plan.  Once we understand your personal financial plan, we can then focus on the plan for the business.  The personal plan looks at all aspects of your personal and business life to identify and address any key issues.  These key issues can be in many forms, including;

  • a business owner approaching retirement;
  • a lack of clear and common business goals among the business owners
  • business owners working too many hours and missing lifestyle opportunities e.g. children growing up; lacking time to pursue hobbies;

The planning process helps identify and prioritise your business, family and personal goals into a structured plan.  In addition, your plan considers;

  • your short and long term goals
  • your succession plan
  • risk management
  • your estate plan
  • your retirement plans, including any funding gap in relation to your retirement needs

Through this process, we work with specialist legal and financial planning professionals to ensure you have a plan suited to your circumstances and aligned to your lifestyle and financial goals.  Your plan will consider various superannuation and pension strategies to ensure we maximise your after tax position.  We can also assist you with setting up a self-managed superannuation fund so you can implement these strategies.

Your plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and to make sure you keep on track to achieve your goals.

The plan is your ‘peace of mind’ to ensure the financial protection of you and your family.


We take a holistic view from a financial and legal perspective to ensure your personal, family and business interests are protected.

60% of Australians die without a current will.  Did you know that your will only deals with the assets of your estate (essentially assets held in your name)?  It does not include assets like your family home (if held as ‘joint tenants’), insurance and superannuation policies and assets held in your family trust and your private company.

Also, have you considered in the event of your death, or if you get sick, suffer memory loss or become incapacitated;

  • Who will manage your investments or pay the household bills?
  • Who will be the guardians to look after your children?
  • What will be the impact on your business? Can the bills be paid?
  • Whether you have an appropriate partnership or shareholder agreements in place to protect your family?

Our focus is to PROTECT all your interests for today and in the future. Our comprehensive estate services are your peace of mind to help reduce the burden on family and friends..

From your personal perspective, we can prepare your estate plan and organise your powers of attorney and any guardianships.


In addition to estate planning, we can;

  • Review your various entities from a risk protection perspective including directorships, ownership of assets and security for personal loans to the business
  • Organise risk protection insurance
  • Facilitate regular family council meetings to ensure the interests of the family are understood and protected