How to Generate More Sales

How to Generate More Sales Using Digital Marketing

By Adam Rowles, Inbound Marketing Agency

Businesses know how vital digital marketing is.  With people spending more time on their smartphones and tablets, it’s only natural that you would want to promote your business where the audience is.  However, the biggest reason why businesses struggle to get results from their digital marketing is that they don’t have a system.

We often see businesses try advertising on one platform, like Google Ads or Google SEO, and it may not work.  Then they switch and try another platform, like Facebook or LinkedIn.  Doing all these things individually, without a plan, is not going to generate the results you want.

Every successful digital marketing campaign starts with a plan and we call this a ‘Digital Marketing Blueprint’.

What’s a Digital Marketing Blueprint?

Before you move forward, you need to take a small step back and assess your business.  Ask yourself, what type of digital marketing has generated results for you in the past and what hasn’t been so successful?  Then, look at your competition, and see what they are doing to win customers.  Finally, work out who your ideal customer is.  Your business may have more than one target market – work out which market is bringing in the most revenue.

When you have all this information, you can begin to design an effective marketing strategy.  A strategy that is cost-effective, result-driven and designed to generate leads.  Ultimately sales is a numbers game, and more qualified leads will result in more sales.  

Website vs Landing Page

Most company websites are not designed to sell.  They include a lot of information about your business but will not generate leads.  Customers will usually bounce from one page to another within the website before they ultimately bounce off your site completely. 

This is where landing pages play a crucial role.  Not only will an optimised landing page help you generate 10x more leads then a website but it will help you nurture ‘enquiry’ customers for future sales. 

Understanding the Numbers

Analysing your digital marketing results shouldn’t be confusing.  Yes, you can download reports and graphs for just about any statistic, but often it’s unnecessary. 

The three main figures you should focus on are:

  1. How many people are visiting your website/landing page?
  2. What is the conversion from person to lead?
  3. How many sales are those leads generating?

Digital marketing is powerful and, when executed well, it can generate extraordinary results.  If you want to understand more about digital marketing watch the attached video.  In it we will outline the 5-Step Lead ROI System™ in detail and show you how your business can increase leads and improve sales.

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