Excess Super Contributions: Once Only Refund Offer

The ATO has started offering refunds to some individuals who have exceeded their annual superannuation concessional contributions cap.

From the 2011-2012 year, there is a once-only opportunity to have excess concessional contributions refunded.

The offer will only be made once. If individuals decide to accept the offer, they will pay marginal tax rates on the amount above the cap, instead of paying excess contributions tax.
An individual’s choice as to whether to accept the one time only offer, or not, is a final decision and cannot be revoked. Once a taxpayer has received an offer, regardless of whether or not they accept it, they will not be eligible for an offer in future years.

The ATO says the offers will be sent directly to the taxpayer’s postal address. Election to accept the offer must be returned to the ATO within 28 days of the issue date of the offer.

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