Perth Business Development Case Study

About Robowash

Robowash, the market leader in automatic cleaning technologies, is the largest supplier of automatic parts cleaning machines in Australia. The company is the only supplier which builds, services and maintains its own fleet of machines. The Robowash products range from small parts cleaning machines for vehicle workshops to large parts cleaning machines for some of the largest components in the world (including 16 and 20-cylinder motors for the earthmoving and locomotive industry). Given the diverse product range and waste services offered, Robowash’s equipment is used in a wide range of industries, however the majority of clients are in the maintenance sector of the mining, mining services, engineering, automotive, marine and aviation industry.  The company belongs to the Jasper Group of Companies.

The challenge

The Jasper Group of Companies comprises multiple, intertwined businesses, which are operated by a single family. The group required critical succession planning to allow its continued operation and success while ensuring that the vision and legacy that founded their business continued to future generations. This involved bringing together all stakeholders to agree on responsibilities and accountability within the group and to ensure a clear, strategic vision for the entire group and, in particular, the Robowash business. 

How did Brentnalls WA help? By Jay Jasper, MD of Robowash 

“One of the Brentnalls WA’s directors has worked with our group for nearly 30 years. He knows our structure and history better than anyone else. This insight into our family and business allows him to give a unique perspective that is both professional and personal.  

Brentnalls WA’s Quarterly Business Review (QBR) sessions are the foundation of our success. Through the QBR process, we are challenged to stop and re-evaluate our focus and to grow by understanding our business at a high level. We continuously measure and analyse key performance indicators and take time to forecast, which gives us a clear idea as to where our business is going as well as an early warning if things are heading in an undesirable direction.”


“At an individual business level, Brentnalls WA has simplified the way Robowash fits into the Group’s structure and reports to the Group. We have a clear understanding of what is critical in our business and what is required to grow and increase its value. Recently, this involved bringing in financial institutions for potential expansion and funding. They were impressed with the level of reporting and the simplicity in which we were able to communicate high level analysis.   

At a group level, Brentnalls WA continues to advise us on all taxation, wealth management and risk mitigation matters. The Brentnalls WA team have helped us achieve a number of cost improvements including a significant reduction in land tax across our property portfolio as well as numerous tax effective initiatives.”

Additional testimonial on BGN

“Brentnalls’ Business Grows Network (BGN) program helps us at a personal level by bringing together like-minded business owners to help each other.”