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Perth Business Development Case Study

About Action Glass & Aluminium

Action Glass & Aluminium is Perth’s premier glass company. Since its establishment in 1969, Action Glass has been providing creative solutions to the most challenging projects, specialising in all facets of glass and aluminium, particularly focused on the repair, replacement and maintenance work.

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The Problem

Glazing industry, especially in a fast growing city such as Perth, is characterised by a very intense competition. Keeping up with the constant changes in the industry, staying on top of all the new technologies and keeping ahead of the competitors are just some of the daily challenges in this industry. Action Glass recognised that planning and accurate forecasting are the keys to success and turned to Brentnalls WA for assistance in taking the business to another level.

How Brentnalls WA helped?

By John Mitsikas, Director at Action Glass & Aluminium

“The thing I like about Brentnalls WA best is their thought leadership and ability to bring people together to share their knowledge and experiences. Through various meetings and events such as Business Growth Network (BGN) as well as Mindshop workshops they have introduced us to the latest trends and developments in the management, strategy and planning. They have also given us an opportunity to exchange ideas with other likeminded business owners, to come up with initiatives that allowed us to get the competitive advantage and to keep up with the constant changes that all businesses face. The easy access to Brentnalls’ Directors and having them serve me as Action Glass & Aluminium’s advisory board, has also been invaluable and assisted me greatly over the years.


The proof of how successful our partnership with Brentnalls WA is lies in the significant tax savings we achieve year on year. The BWA team plan well in advance, which allows us to discuss and implement various initiatives to reduce tax and increase profits in time. Throughout our long association with Brentnalls WA, I have had the courage to grow my business and to record increasing profits. Knowing I have Brentnalls’ constant support and expertise, gives me confidence that no challenge is too difficult to overcome going into the future.”