BGN November

Business Growth Network November 2020

Coaching for results: How to coach your team for maximum performance

In each Business Growth Network (BGN) workshop we seek to inject new thinking about leadership high performance.  In today’s session we looked at ‘Coaching for Results’.  All leaders must be great coaches regardless of whether they are leading a team of 1, 10 or 100s of people.  These COVID-impacted times raise new challenges for leaders to coach their team and require adapted approaches to achieve high performance across the business.

Today our Business Growth Network discovered insights on our current coaching strengths and weaknesses, how to adapt to coach teams virtually if required, techniques to deal with poor performers in a team and new techniques to stay agile as a coach with our team.

Topics and strategies discussed included:

  • 2021 business trends
  • Auditing current coaching abilities and knowing our strengths and weaknesses
  • Virtual vs face-to-dace performance management and coaching
  • Dealing with energy vampires
  • Coaching techniques to improve performance as a leader with our team and clients
  • Group problem solving on coaching performance improvement strategies

Overall a terrific morning was had by all to point each leader in the right direction for greater success as we lead into 2021.

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