Business Growth Network June 2020

Business Growth Network June 2020

Leadership 2025: Lessons from Leading through Challenging Times

In each Business Growth Network (BGN) workshop we seek to inject new thinking about leadership high performance.  This round, we looked at lessons from leading through a challenging period and discussed insights on navigating through as a leader.

As leaders settle into a new normal as restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 crisis slowly lift, we reflected on the lessons learnt and high-performance habits/strategies that can be embraced into the years ahead.  We looked towards 2025 and the capabilities required for success as leaders.

Topics and strategies discussed included:

  • The roadmap for business leaders through this current crisis
  • What strategies can be embraced based on the severity of impact to the business?
  • Leadership in 2025 and what are the four attributes of leaders successfully navigating this crisis
  • Evolving business and team structures and what will stick over the next 12 months
  • What is working for leaders in navigating the crisis to pivot/adapt their products, services and business?
  • What key actions should be taken over the next 30 days?

Overall a terrific morning was had by all to point each leader in the right direction for greater success in 2020 and beyond.

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