Business Growth Network Success Story

Here is what participants derived most value from at the last BGN workshop…..

  • Challenged my thinking….Kevin
  • Thoughts generated about innovation and leadership….Evan
  • Group discussions…..David
  • The comments around leadership and building a team of enthusiasts….Kim
  • Tools and discussion with participants…..Mike
  • Group discussion proved enlightening!….Merryn
  • Waste Audit…..Paul

Here is what clients say about the Quarterly Business Review meetings…..

  • I like how the meetings give up purpose and direction…
  • I find the meetings invigorating…
  • I like the ‘What If’ scenarios e.g. change in margin has $x effect on bottom line…
  • We should possibly bring another person from our business to the meeting to help us get quicker results…

Growing a business is a difficult thing…

“Hi Sergio,
Thanks for your card. I’ve been a little slack with cards this year so may I take this moment to say thanks to you, Chris, Tony, Lyn and all the team at Brentnalls for your tireless help throughout the year. Growing a business is a difficult thing but having an alliance with the Brentnalls team really does make it easier, not to mention accelerates the process!!

A Masterclass Accounting Firm by Rob Nixon