ATO Grants Amnesty for Voluntary Disclosure of Offshore Income for a Limited Time Only

The Commissioner of Taxation, Chris Jordan, announced on 27 March 2014 that the Australian Tax Office (“ATO”) has launched Project Do It, a new initiative designed to encourage individuals and companies with undisclosed offshore income to come forward and clean the slate. Read more

The Big 10…

Below are 10 actions business owners need to take prior to 30 June to reduce their tax bill;

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Why Do Only 30% Of Change Projects Succeed?

I attended a Mindshop Facilitator full day training program today and was exposed to some powerful research that Mindshop founder Chris Mason had gathered during his 8 year PhD on this subject.

It is widely known in business circles that only 30% of change projects succeed.  The research conducted by Chris Mason was centered around the benefits in time, profit, growth, energy and success if businesses could boost that % change success factor upwards.

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Super Contribution Caps For The 2015 Financial Year


The start of the new financial year brings with it a change to the Super Fund Contribution Caps, increasing the annual contributions you can make to super.

These updated caps can help you:

–          minimise tax

–          keep salary sacrifice arrangements up to date

–          maximise the wealth held in your super fund

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5 Things I Learned From Gail Kelly’s Presentation

  1. Her biggest regret – not letting go of people earlier that were not the right people to be on the bus
  1. Her excitement about change – you need to embrace, welcome and get excited about change – technology players including facebook and google are challenging the banks – the bank needs to be innovative, quick, courageous and bold to respond to these challengers.  Westpac have set up a special project team “MAD” (mobile application device) to lead their innovation drive

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The CEO’s Most Important Job

This is a great article which I have shared with many clients about the importance between delivery and discovery.

The challenge for most businesses is they do not make enough time for discovery – this is ultimate the source of the sustainable competitive advantage. Read more

The Digital Revolution

I was recently reading the ‘Acuity’ Magazine which is the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants magazine and there was an there was a reference to recent survey highlighting how important the digital revolution will be over the next 12 months to consumer goods and retail companies.

The survey conducted by Consumer Goods Forum and KPMG survey polled nearly 500 C-suite and senior executives globally. Key finding included Read more

Are You Ready For Electronic Lodgement of Activity Statements?

Are you ready for the ATO’s changes that require electronic lodgement of Activity Statements?

From 1 July 2014, once the ATO receives an electronic lodgement of a Business Activity Statement or Instalment Activity Statement they will no longer send the paper statements. Future statements will be issued electronically.

Electronic lodgement includes through the following sources: Read more

Tax Effective Estate Planning – SMSF

Superannuation is now commonly the most significant asset of an individual after the main residence and as a result is increasingly important when putting together a tax effective estate plan.

What is not commonly known is that superannuation interests do not automatically fall under the individual estate assets on death and therefore do not automatically fall under the directions of your will. Read more

Play In The Complex, High Risk Space

With the world increasingly becoming commoditised, it is difficult for business to compete on anything but price.

I have had a recent discussion with an electrical contractor, where they mentioned their market is becoming increasingly price driven.

I think commodities products and services are fine – you need to be price competitive on these products and services.  These are the services/products that will open the door to prospective clients.  Read more

Will You Have Enough Fuel? Is The Oil Burning?

Often in my discussions with clients there is some confusion as to how you identify KPIs and what are the most important ones to measure?

I was at a presentation last week where the presenter discussed KPIs – again there was very little framework on how to identify KPI – really just a grab bag of random KPIs.

I think in this world where there is an abundance of information and people are unsure what to look at, a framework is really important.

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