Brentnalls WA Foundations

Get things done

  • have clear goals; your first task is plan & prioritise your day
  • have a sense of urgency; be resourceful & persistent; actively follow up to get results; do what you say you are going to do & by when
  • keep your focus on the task; be present; minimise distractions
  • be competitive; achieve your targets

Crucial Conversations

  • show mutual respect; talk straight; challenge people to be their best
  • seek honest feedback; actively listen & seek to understand
  • keep key stakeholders informed
  • take a shareholder perspective

Be Positive

  • bring positive energy to the workplace & meetings
  • take responsibility; do not blame
  • find a way forward
  • celebrate wins

Awesome Service

  • build trust; do what is in their best interests
  • be proactive; anticipate their needs; look for solutions to their problems; be their speed dial
  • actively follow up new opportunities – articulate value; plan scope & agree fees
  • start & finish meetings on time; agree agenda & email key actions with 24 hours
  • reply to emails & telephone calls within 24 hours

Constant Improvement

  • evolve – look for opportunities to improve the way we do things
  • challenge the status quo; seek the best way; be open to new ideas
  • simplify the complex
  • execute – learn fast; adapt, test & measure
  • follow our processes or propose a better way

Be accountable

  • do not blame (locus of control)
  • seek responsibility
  • achieve targets

Seek to Learn

  • invest in yourself
  • keep up to date; stay relevant to our clients’ needs
  • be the best you can be
  • embrace and learn from challenges & experiences
  • share your knowledge & mentor