Business Growth Network (BGN)

By further developing your Leadership, Business Strategy, Financial Knowledge and Sales & Marketing skills, you are more equipped to make informed decisions to help you run and grow a better business.

Brentnalls WA regularly facilitate workshops and seminars to help clients and non-clients develop these skills. If you would like to progress your knowledge, we would be delighted for you to join us. No obligation or commitment required at your first session. Read more about BGN…

BGN Success Story

Hear Evan Porter of Priority Management’s testimonial on how BGN has helped his business.

Participant feedback – what they found valuable from the last BGN workshop

    • “Challenged my thinking…” – Kevin
    • “Thoughts generated about innovation and leadership…” – Evan
    • “Group discussions…” – David
    • “The comments around leadership and building a team of enthusiasts…” – Kim
    • “Tools and discussion with participants…” – Mike
    • “Group discussion proved enlightening!…” – Merryn
    • “Waste Audit…” – Paul

Want to know more?

If you would like details of our next Business Growth Network (BGN) workshop, please click here.