steel fabrication

Perth Business Development Case Study

About Brentnalls WA Client – Steel Fabrication Business

With 100 years of combined experience, our steel fabrication business client operates in the Western Australian mining sector. Specialising in all steel fabrication and repair works, able to complete 60 tonnes of steel work per week, our client services a wide range of mine site maintenance and construction projects.

The Problem

One of the key foundations for a company’s success is the team of managers with aligned vision for company’s future and subsequent will to work towards achieving it. In the early days, this was not the case for our client. The company’s chief accountant was not on board with and able to support the organisation’s plans for growth, preventing the company from rapid expansion. The internal staffing issues coupled with the extreme competitiveness and highly cyclical nature of the mining sector, made it for a very difficult beginning.

How Brentnalls WA helped?

By General Manager at Steel Fabrication Business

“Brentnalls’ business advisors joined us to rectify the staffing issue and to assist us in setting the company on the track to sustainable growth. They have been invaluable in helping us devise a clear strategy and shared by the whole team sense of direction.

With the assistance of Brentnalls, we have been able to accurately forecast, budget and adapt our operations to the cyclical ups and downs permanently engrained in the very nature of the mining industry. Thanks to Brentnalls, we can continuously set accurate and achievable targets and accomplish great year on year results.

Brentnalls’ in-depth knowledge of our business and strategy makes them irreplaceable when critical issues, requiring quick response, arise. Whilst the Brentnalls team is an external party to our business, the service they provide has them sitting well within our organisation, at a shareholder level, which greatly assists with key decision making on big-ticket items. Having Brentnalls with their intimate knowledge of our business greatly assists us with effective decision making when timing is everything.”


“It is very hard to provide an exact number for the ROI from our relationship with Brentnalls WA given the market we operate in and the rapid peaks and troughs of mining industry, however, I am very comfortable with the transparency that Brentnalls WA have. We are certainly getting great value for money with the service and care we always receive.”