Business Growth Network March 2021

The 2021 business reset: Emerging trends/insights to shape what leaders will do differently in 2021

2020 will be a year to remember for, in many cases, all the wrong reasons.  Like all crises however, there are valuable lessons and many bright spots that will shape business and leadership positively for decades to come.

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2021 Mindshop Business Leader Survey – Behaviours for High Performance

By Chris Mandzufas

Business leaders continue to face a challenging business environment in 2021.  However, opportunities abound for leaders who can effectively manage the changes required, harness their leadership skills and deliver strategies for sustainable success.

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Leadership Insight: Planning to “Be There” For Your Team

By Wayne Davies

I am not a great advocate of New Year’s resolutions but I do appreciate the opportunity that the New Year presents to start afresh at work.  Given the year that just finished, there is probably no better year than 2021 for developing some fresh leadership habits.

I heard many stories in 2020 about the value of “being there” for clients and staff.

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Business Cashflow during the Holiday Season

Where Do You Focus in 2021 Where Opportunities Exceed Capacity and Capability

By Tony Monisse

Clarity on who your target customers are, your value proposition and your unique key capabilities are the foundations for your success now and in the future.

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Brentnalls WA

Brentnalls recognised among nation’s best accounting firms

Brentnalls has been recognised as being among the nation’s best accounting firms, once again making it onto the AFR Top 100 Accounting Firms.  

Our inclusion on the list reflects our continued growth even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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BGN November

Business Growth Network November 2020

Coaching for results: How to coach your team for maximum performance

In each Business Growth Network (BGN) workshop we seek to inject new thinking about leadership high performance.  In today’s session we looked at ‘Coaching for Results’.  All leaders must be great coaches regardless of whether they are leading a team of 1, 10 or 100s of people.  These COVID-impacted times raise new challenges for leaders to coach their team and require adapted approaches to achieve high performance across the business.

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Creating a Culture of High Performance

Creating a Culture of High Performance for 2020/2021 and beyond

By Chris Mandzufas

A high-performance organisation culture is one of the most important factors driving the ability of businesses to achieve great results but also in being able to navigate difficult times successfully.

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Business Cashflow during the Holiday Season

Focus on Your Cashflow in the lead up to the Christmas & New Year Holiday

By Tony Monisse

A handy checklist for business owners who want to successfully manage their cashflow over the upcoming holidays.

The upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays require business owners to give thought to how they are going to run their businesses over that period and what actions they are going to take to successfully manage their cashflow.  The checklist below is a reminder of the key actions that all business owners should take in regards to sales, staffing, expenses, and funding-related matters.

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Business Growth Network Aug

Business Growth Network August 2020

Creating a culture of high performance for 2020/2021

In each Business Growth Network (BGN) workshop we seek to inject new thinking about leadership high performance.  In today’s session we looked at creating a culture of high performance.  A high-performance organisation culture is one of the most important factors driving the ability of businesses to navigate these difficult times successfully.

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Adapting Your Marketing in the

Adapting Your Marketing in the COVID-19 era

By Cathryn Fish Stephens

No matter your company size, industry or location, every business has been and will be affected by COVID-19 for years to come.  Our business environment is likely forever changed, and we now face the task of adjusting to and embracing the “new normal”. 

From a marketing perspective, businesses now face the challenge of adapting their marketing strategies and plans to adapt to this new normal.  Many of the fundamental marketing principles remain constant in this changing environment and at the same time, there are emerging trends and changing behaviours which require a change or adjustment in marketing tactics.

How do we adapt to evolving and uncertain market conditions to ensure we can continue to reach our customers, build meaningful connections with them, and convince them to purchase our products or services?

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How to Generate More Sales

How to Generate More Sales Using Digital Marketing

By Adam Rowles, Inbound Marketing Agency

Businesses know how vital digital marketing is.  With people spending more time on their smartphones and tablets, it’s only natural that you would want to promote your business where the audience is.  However, the biggest reason why businesses struggle to get results from their digital marketing is that they don’t have a system.

We often see businesses try advertising on one platform, like Google Ads or Google SEO, and it may not work.  Then they switch and try another platform, like Facebook or LinkedIn.  Doing all these things individually, without a plan, is not going to generate the results you want.

Every successful digital marketing campaign starts with a plan and we call this a ‘Digital Marketing Blueprint’.

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SPIN – What’s in a Question

SPIN – What’s in a Question?

By Tony Monisse

Developing an Effective Sales Process

Now more than ever, businesses need the rigour and efficiency of an effective process to help them secure new clients and achieve sales budgets.  In our experience, most businesses do not have a developed sales process which can lead to inefficiencies and lost opportunities and limit business growth. 

Even during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn, the fundamentals of selling remain the same.  That is we need to understand who we are selling to, what their needs are, tailor our messaging to appeal to them and their needs and have a sales conversation.  

We were recently working with a client on their sales process using the SPIN questioning technique for the initial phase of the sales process.  The initial phase is about discovery or analysis of their needs and learning as much as you can about the potential customer and in particular getting to their real challenges, needs and aspirations.  

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Business Growth Network June 2020

Business Growth Network June 2020

Leadership 2025: Lessons from Leading through Challenging Times

In each Business Growth Network (BGN) workshop we seek to inject new thinking about leadership high performance.  This round, we looked at lessons from leading through a challenging period and discussed insights on navigating through as a leader.

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Business Budget planning

The Importance of Budgeting in Business

By Chris Mandzufas

A realistic and detailed budget is crucial for guiding your business to tackle unexpected challenges and to ensure you stay on track to grow.  

It may seem obvious that business growth can only occur when there is money available for reinvestment, but it is surprising how many businesses do not budget and do not track their performance against a budget.

In the current environment, a realistic and detailed budget is a very important tool for providing valuable information, guiding your business to tackle unexpected challenges and most importantly to ensure you stay on track to grow.

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Why Preparing Three-Way Forecasts is So Vital

By Tony Monisse

Learn why it is important to forecast the profit & loss, cashflow and balance sheet.

As I see it, a budget is merely a forecast prepared at a point in time.  This point in time is usually tied to the end of the financial year and the business’ planning cycle.

In contrast, a forecast is frequently updated based on the changes in the operating environment e.g. winning a new contract, losing a key customer or a change in the staffing situation.

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JobKeeper Package

Details of the Government’s Third Stimulus Package: The JobKeeper Payment:

On 30 March 2020, the Federal Government announced further economic stimulus measures for businesses and employees, called the JobKeeper Payment.

The payments will assist eligible employers that have experienced a downturn due to COVID-19 to retain eligible employees by providing a subsidy of $1,500 per fortnight per employee.

Businesses are encouraged to register via the ATO website their intention to apply for this stimulus payment.  Further details on how to register can be found below.

What payments will be made: 

  • Program commences on 30 March 2020
  • First payments to be made in first week of May 2020
  • Payments to be made for up to six months
  • Flat $1,500 per eligible employee

Eligible Employers are: 

  • Annual turnover less than $1b
  • Reduction in revenue of 30% or more since 1 March 2020 relative to a comparable period a year ago (of at least a month) – we expect further announcements on how to calculate and verify this requirement in the coming days
  • Applies to companies, trusts, partnerships and sole traders

Eligible Employees are: 

  • On the employer’s books as at 1 March 2020
  • Has been retained, and continues to be engaged by that employer (including recently stood down employees)
  • At least 16 years of age
  • Full time employees
  • Part time employees
  • Casual employees who have been with the employer for at least the previous 12 months
  • Employee is only eligible to receive this payment from one employer
  • Self-employed sole traders are also eligible
  • Must be Australian residents, or
  • New Zealand residents who hold a subclass 444 special category visa, or
  • Migrants who are eligible to receive the JobSeeker Payment

Other Important Information:

  • Employers must notify employees that they are receiving the JobKeeper payment
  • The payment must be paid in full to employees (after taking out withholding tax as required), including to employees whose usual salary is less than $1,500 per fortnight
  • If the employee’s wage inclusive of tax is usually under $1,500 per fortnight, then Super Guarantee is only required on their usual salary (not on the additional top up)
  • If the employee’s wage inclusive of tax is $1,500 or above per fortnight, then Super Guarantee applies as usual
  • Employees in receipt of the JobKeeper payment will not be eligible for the JobSeeker payments
  • Businesses will be self-assessing their eligibility.  Note that the ATO will likely conduct compliance activity in the future to ensure eligibility requirements were satisfied at the time
  • Employers will be required to provide monthly information to the ATO regarding the eligible employees.  This will be pre-filled with Single Touch Payroll data.

Further updates to come: 

The JobKeeper Payment has not yet been legislated and the full details on eligibility for the payment for both employers and employees are not yet fully disclosed.

We will continue to keep you updated with future developments.

Register intention to apply for the JobKeeper Payment: 

Employers can register their intention to apply for the payment at the below website: ATO

Information required to register your interest is:

  • Business Name
  • ABN
  • Contact Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile No.

The ATO will then continue to provide updates and request confirmation of eligibility at a later time.

Should you have any questions regarding this stimulus package, please do not hesitate to contact this office on (08) 6212 7200 to discuss.

Further updates will be provided when available.

q32020 newsletter

GROW ACHIEVE PROTECT with Brentnalls WA – Newsletter, March 2020

  1. Getting Your Strategic Focus Right in 2020
  2. The question all CEOs should ask?
  3. Navigating Challenging Times: Myer – A Case Study on Growth Profit and Cashflow
  4. 2020 Mindshop Business Leader Survey – Business Leader Insights for Success

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GROW ACHIEVE PROTECT with Brentnalls WA – Newsletter, November 2019

  1. Focus on Your Cashflow in the Lead up to the Christmas and New Year Holiday
  2. Fringe Benefits Tax at Christmas
  3. How to Get the Most From Your People in 2020
  4. Brentnalls WA News

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Brentnalls WA BGN September 2019

Business Growth Network September 2019

Business Growth Network round 3, 2019: Discovering what every leader needs to know to keep their business innovative.

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GROW ACHIEVE PROTECT with Brentnalls WA – Newsletter, August 2019

  1. 4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Revenue
  2. Trust – Why Trust is the Crucial Component for Customer Relationships and Business Development
  3. The Importance of a Professional Online Presence

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Financial lender

Changing Market Creates a New Lending Environment

Australian financial markets are constantly changing and with these changes comes a new lending environment.

It is important to stay on top of and to understand these changes when approaching financial institutions (banks/lenders), to ensure your business receives a positive outcome.

We spoke to Ledge Finance Ltd, one of the markets leading finance facilitators, about their thoughts on the debt market as they currently see it, with a primary focus on the small-medium enterprises (SME) market and how it is being impacted. Further focus is on how this impacts the equipment finance market over the short to medium term – the lifeline of capital intensive balance sheet businesses.

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growth workshop in boardroom

Taking Control of Sustainable Growth 2019

Taking control of growth

How to address the challenges of sustainable growth in 2019 was under the spotlight at the recent BGN breakfast workshop. Using the idea of ‘learning in the flow of work’ we linked insights about business growth directly to day-to-day challenges of attendees. 

Looking at taking control of growth we discussed: 

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GROW ACHIEVE PROTECT with Brentnalls WA – Newsletter, May 2019

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News Flash - Single Touch Payroll

Mandatory Single Touch Payroll

The Government has passed legislation that requires real time reporting of payroll data to the ATO at each pay period, making it mandatory for all employers to use Single Touch Payroll from 1 July 2019.

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tax policy

Snapshot of the ALP Key Tax Policies

Snapshot of the ALP Key Tax Policies

Snapshot Of The ALP Key Tax Policies (Compared To Coalition Tax Policies)
The table below outlines some of the key ALP tax policies of interest.

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