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What does GROW mean for your business?

To achieve your personal goals, we need to understand the dynamics of your business.  We do this by developing a Growth Model for your business.   The model focusses on both profit and cashflow, which is essential to a healthy business. This ensures the business can fund future growth plans, make payments to creditors, meet tax obligations and ultimately distribute returns to owners.  With your Growth Model we will know which drivers you should focus on when developing your strategic plan.


Whilst many businesses develop a strategic business plan to grow their business, few actually implement the plan.  More importantly, few test the plan before executing to determine the financial impact of their plans.  And how easy is it for everyone in your business to understand and implement the plan?  Also, few plans stay on track and often management does not know they are going off track until it is too late.

Planning for business success does not have to be complicated.  There are many examples of business plans that are sit in the bottom drawer..

We believe that simpler is better.  And the first step is to answer these three questions.

  1. Where are you NOW?

Before we can help you move forward, we need to take stock of where you are now.

We will have a good look at the key numbers, opportunities, issues and challenges facing you and your business to get an understanding for where you and your business is now.  We review the internal and external environment and develop a robust SWOT analysis and identify the top priorities.

By keeping it simple, we believe you are far more likely to achieve your goals with a clear plan.

  1. WHERE do you want to be?

To determine where you want to be, we will review the key numbers that drive your profitability and cash flow.

We will test the sensitivity of these numbers so we can determine where improvements can be made to achieve the desired profitability and increase the value of your business in a sustainable manner.

We will then determine the target profit you want to achieve over the next 3-5 years

In addition, we will help you determine where you play, how you are going to win and the key processes required for your business to win in this space.

  1. HOW do you get there?

Clarity is the key.

Once we have helped you set a clear direction and focus for your business for the next three to five years, we will help you identify the 4-6 strategies that will achieve your profit target, support your business model and address your business’ SWOT.  We will also put in place support processes to ensure the execution of your plan.

By challenging your direction, providing an independent view and sharing ideas and knowledge, we can create an environment that engages your team to achieve the goals you have set for your business.

Finally, we will summarise your plans using our one page plan format to create a blueprint for your future success and help you communicate your plan to your shareholder and the employees in your business.


Once we understand your profit and cashflow growth model and your strategic plan, we can then put in place processes to ensure you execute the plan.  With regular reviews and follow-up to monitor progress, we will make sure you maintain your focus to stay on track.  This will ensure your plan does not end up in the bottom drawer.  It is this focus that will underwrite your success.

Your success is our priority.  By being proactive, rather than reactive, we can help you stay on track.  Because we are strategic in our view of the world, we help you focus on the future direction of your business.

To this end, we facilitate a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) with the key decision makers in your business.  This is your regular check to ensure you are on target to achieve your business goals.  We review your actual profit and cashflow results.  We also prepare rolling four quarter profit and cashflow forecasts and compare your actual and forecast results to the targets included in your strategic plan.  Where there is a shortfall in the targets, we look at the impact of different scenarios to help you achieve your targets and so that you can make informed decisions.

To bridge the GAP between the NOW and WHERE of your business, we help you develop specific actions to focus on for the next 90 days.


To further develop momentum to achieve your business goals, key team members can join our Business Growth Network (BGN) and network with other like-minded business clients to gain ideas and skills to further your business goals.


Other areas we help you achieve your business goals include:

  • Preparation of profit and cashflow forecasts
  • Help you raise finance
  • Research and development grant applications
  • Government grant applications
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Waste audits on key processes in your business
  • Employee profit share plans
  • Business valuations
  • Facilitate director and shareholder meetings to discuss key issues and ensure there is alignment on direction of the business among the key stakeholders
  • Review month-end processes to ensure key control accounts are reconciled and the monthly financial statements prepared are accurately and timely
  • Accounting assistance to ensure your month-end financial statements are prepared on a timely basis, as required from time to time
  • Perform a detailed monthly or quarterly review of your financial statements to provide you comfort that the financial statements are in order and key reconciliations are being performed.